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Tech III, Inc. provides superior business software services, whether your needs are for a whole new custom software system or modifying existing software.

We can turn around problem technology projects; you know the kind -- started with another company,
but somehow the project slowed or stalled.

Tech III can also provide part-time technology leadership, what we like to call a "Virtual CTO." Or simply utilize our technology leadership for specific project management.

Back in the day (1980s), Tech III developed a number of commercial software programs. Although we
now focus on custom software solutions, we still have a few software products for general use.

During the 1990s, Tech III had its hand in web-based projects. Our sister company,
Second Street Design Studio, now handles web design projects (with occassional technology support
from Tech III).

2011 will be Tech III's 25th year in the technology and software industry. Check out our track record and
our motto to better understand the level of quality and commitment we offer our clients.



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