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We wrote down the "code" that we were already living by back in 1987. The "mission statement" phrase and fad hadn't become the big thing it is today, so we didn't call it a "mission statement". Now every other site has a "mission statement", and most of them are meaningless blather about making the customer happy, producing a high-quality product or service, and/or dominating their industry. Unfortunately, many of these companies have little ability or commitment to doing the things that help produce that result.

Ongoing R&D, constant training, investment in infrastucture, industry contacts, more R&D investment, real-world experience, and commitment to clients through good times and bad - that's what we have, that underlies what we offer, and that's what makes the difference in producing successful results, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Richard Grossman, President

Richard Grossman is the founder and president of Tech III, Inc.

He started Tech III in 1986, and his roles have included IT Manager, Applications Architect/Designer, Software Developer, Database Designer/Developer, and Project Manager, and more.

Richard is the client liaison, the idea man, and the executor. He has worked independently and has managed teams of employees or other consultants.

For more details, see Richard's resume.

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Code of the Code Warriors

Starting with an idea and making it a reality - that's what the creation of software is all about. We speed up that process, so ideas can be more quickly translated into working systems.

Our clients and customers are already the advocates of progress within their organizations. Working together, we lower the resistance to change. How? By decreasing time and cost factors, and delivering high-performance, human-engineered systems.

We know that innovative software helps people to deliver results. Anything less just provides ammunition for those who said all along that it couldn't be done. When we take on a project, the work is in the hands of a team with a special commitment to excellence, experts who enjoy working to solve problems and complete a successful project.

Our definition of a successful project? One where the cost is just a small fraction of the value produced.

Tech III: the bridge connecting people and technology.